CINE 5 years – Main results of the AES division.

Advanced Energy Storage (AES) Principal investigator of the division: Rubens Maciel Filho (Unicamp) Generating national know-how in a critical area for decarbonization, the field of batteries and supercapacitors, was one of the main achievements of the AES program in the first 5 years of CINE. In fact, energy storage is at the heart of the energy transition, since the main growing renewable sources (wind and photovoltaics) generate energy intermittently, making […]

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CINE 5 years – Main results of the DEC division.

Dense Energy Carriers (DEC) Principal investigator of the division: Ana Flávia Nogueira (Unicamp) Over these 5 years, the DEC division has dealt with the most diverse challenges involving the use of the energy of the Sun to produce hydrogen and other molecules that can also be used as fuels. With this objective, the researchers of the division sought to develop materials and processes that combine low cost and good performance, […]

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CINE 5 years – Main results of the M2P division.

Methane to Products (M2P) Principal investigator of the division: Fabio Coral Fonseca (IPEN) Searching for new technologies to convert methane into molecules with greater added value was the main objective of this CINE division. The goal was challenging: the high stability of methane, which is the least reactive of all hydrocarbons, makes it difficult to transform it into other compounds. Therefore, M2P researchers had to develop new materials and equipment. […]

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CINE 5 years – Main results of the CMSC division.

Computational Materials Science and Chemistry (CMSC) Principal investigator of the division: Juarez L. F. Da Silva (IQSC-USP) This program explored the use of various computational tools in the study and development of materials that are necessary for the energy transition and the decarbonization of the economy. “All the studies we carried out, which are of fundamental science, allow us to identify possible paths for the development of new materials suitable […]

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CINE 5 years – Chayene Anchieta : leadership in research and innovation in batteries.

In two and a half years as a postdoctoral fellow at CINE, Chayene Anchieta shined in conducting high-impact work in the area of ​​batteries, leading everything from the formulation of original ideas to the publication of impact articles and licensed patents, without forgetting the supervision of master’s and doctoral students, which is one of her favorite scientific activities. Chayene began her activities in CINE’s Advanced Energy Storage division in 2019, […]

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CINE 5 years – Gabriel Pinheiro: first machine learning work.

The first scientific article that Gabriel Pinheiro signed as author is also a milestone at CINE: it is the center’s first publication on machine learning. This sub-area of ​​artificial intelligence is of great interest to CINE, as it allows it to significantly accelerate the discovery of new compositions and new properties of materials with the aim of using them in the generation and storage of energy. At the time the article was published, […]

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CINE 5 years – Jessica Alvim: doctoral stay at Imperial College London.

The year 2023 was fruitful in scientific trips for doctoral student Jessica Costa Alvim. As a member of CINE since 2020, she works on the development of materials capable of promoting the conversion of carbon dioxide into ethanol, using sunlight as an energy source. In April, she went to the United States with her advisor, Claudia Longo (Unicamp), to make a technical visit to a Shell research center in Houston and participate […]

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CINE 5 years – Carlos Rufino: scientist at an automotive research center in Germany.

Today, while preparing to defend his doctorate, Carlos Antônio Rufino Júnior works as a researcher in Germany at CARISSMA, a center for automotive research and tests. There, in addition to teaching some classes in undergraduate and master’s courses, he participates in a project that aims to monitor, in real time, the need for maintenance of batteries that are used, for example, in electric cars. His mission is to develop a digital […]

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