CINE 5 years – Technology transfer and entrepreneurship: catalyzing innovation.
Tuesday April 2nd, 2024
Tuesday April 2nd, 2024

Over the past 5 years, the Center for Innovation in New Energies (CINE) has played an important role in advancing research and development in the field of renewable energy. One of the pillars of our strategy has been technology transfer (TT), an effort that is beginning to bear significant fruit and which aims to establish CINE as an innovative leader in the sector in Latin America.

During this period, we reached important milestones, including the filing of 10 patent applications. Of these, one has already been granted and licensed, marking a significant step towards the commercialization of our research results and the promotion of sustainable technologies.

Furthermore, CINE was a catalyst in the formation of three startups: BREnergies, focused on R&D to improve sustainable energy technologies, Green Carbon Brasil, specialized in the development of carbon for specific purposes, and BioVOLT, focused on the exploration of biofuels for electricity production. These initiatives, although still in the early stages of formalization, represent the forefront of energy innovation in Brazil and highlight CINE’s commitment to technology transfer to the market.

Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurial training for researchers and students, CINE promoted, in partnership with Unicamp’s innovation agency, its First School of Entrepreneurship. The course, which was designed to develop talent to lead the next generation of sustainable energy companies, provided participants with the tools and knowledge needed to transform technological advances into viable business opportunities.

CINE’s TT coordination also played a fundamental role in interacting with the business sector, organizing productive meetings with several Brazilian companies in the energy sector. These meetings were essential to identify priority topics for the next phase of CINE, ensuring that our research and development activities are aligned with market needs and Brazil’s energy challenges.

Even though the first phase of CINE focused on carrying out academic research, it is clear that technology transfer was an area of success. Efforts in patent licensing, startup formation, entrepreneurship training and collaboration with the industrial sector have not only strengthened our technological base, but also laid a solid foundation for the future. We look forward to continuing this trajectory of innovation and impact, in the transition to a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

Prof. Pablo Sebastián Fernández (UNICAMP)
CINE Technology Transfer Coordinator 2021-2023

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