CINE 5 years – Main results of the DEC division.
Monday December 18th, 2023
Monday December 18th, 2023

Dense Energy Carriers (DEC)
Principal investigator of the division: Ana Flávia Nogueira (Unicamp)

Over these 5 years, the DEC division has dealt with the most diverse challenges involving the use of the energy of the Sun to produce hydrogen and other molecules that can also be used as fuels.

With this objective, the researchers of the division sought to develop materials and processes that combine low cost and good performance, that require little energy to be produced, and that can be taken to an industrial scale. “The biggest challenge is, and will be, to make these materials and methods competitive so that they can attract investment from local industry”, says Prof. Ana Flavia. “This is essential for the success of the energy transition”, she adds.

One of the focuses of the program was the development of photoelectrochemical cells capable of producing green hydrogen through water splitting and converting carbon dioxide into fuels. This research line included the development of modules of perovskite solar cells that were coupled to the photoelectrochemical cells. The division also studied the generation of green hydrogen from biomass through electrochemical processes.

Furthermore, the development of advanced scientific techniques and instruments, such as in situ and operando methods based on the use of synchrotron radiation, have made it possible to elucidate important mechanisms of electrochemical reactions and perovskite formation.

More than 180 articles have been published in scientific journals reporting all these results. “The CINE scholarships for researchers and students, and the equipment acquired were extremely important for the success of DEC over these 5 years”, says Prof. Ana Flavia.

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