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CINE Research Program 1 – Dense Energy Carriers
Project nº 4 – Sustainable production of fuels from CO2 reduction

In this online presentation, Dr. Miguel Tayar Galante, will provide an overview of CINE’s current research on novel promising materials for CO2 conversion. He will focus on complex metal oxides (more than one metallic element on its composition) based on earth-abundant elements and discuss strategies to improve both activity and stability towards CO2 reduction.

The presentation will be broadcast live on CINE’s YouTube channel, August 14, 2019, from 11:00 am to 11:40 am

Solar energy conversion has attracted world’s attention over the last decades, especially with recent concerns regarding fossil fuels depletion and climate changes.

The energy used in most of modern societies is provided by fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas; combustion of this carbon-based matter produces CO2, and the increasing concentration of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has been associated to global warming and ocean pH changes.

One of the most promising strategies to tackle the increasing levels of CO2emission is the electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide into fuels and chemical intermediates. Furthermore, photoactive materials can use solar energy as an additional energy input to transform CO2 into products: the so-called solar fuels.

By using semiconductors as light absorbing materials, one can convert CO2 to products such as ethanol, methanol, syngas, formic acid and hydrocarbons, thus turning CO2 from an environmentally hostile by-product to a useful chemical building block.

Dr. Miguel Tayar Galante is postdoctorate at Project nº 4 – Sustainable production of fuels from CO2 reduction, Co-Coordinated by prof. Claudia Longo. The project is part of CINE Research Program 1 – DEC, coordinated by prof. Ana Flavia Nogueira.
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Title: Development of efficient photo-catalysts for CO2 reduction reaction
Language: Inglês
Speaker: Dr. Miguel Tayar Galante
14/08/2019 11:00 am | CINE YouTube channel

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