CINE 5 years – Words by Ana Flávia Nogueira, second director of the Center.
Thursday November 23rd, 2023
Thursday November 23rd, 2023

“At the beginning of my tenure, I thought it was important to carry out a survey of the Center’s numbers. CINE needed to know CINE. It was also important to reformulate the Center’s website, more dynamic, aligned with our visual identity and updated with our research proposals.

Together with the coordinator of Education and Diffusion of Knowledge, Prof. Juarez L. F. Da Silva, we created the CINE Webinars and CINE Talks lecture program, giving greater visibility to our researchers and also bringing together prominent international researchers in the area of new energies. This initiative was important to make the international community aware of CINE and its research. I believe that this was the hallmark of this administration, to increasingly internationalize CINE.

The pandemic and the online work made the administrative team restructure CINE’s governance, giving more agility and transparency to the hub’s activities. Furthermore, new partnerships were established; we can mention the Itaú bank in Brazil and the Imperial College in London.

During this period we also began the renewal project of the Center, where we were able to discuss the new scope and goals to be achieved, also bringing new energy transition technologies to the next phase, such as green hydrogen and wind energy.”

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