CINE 5 years – Chayene Anchieta : leadership in research and innovation in batteries.
Wednesday December 13th, 2023
Wednesday December 13th, 2023

In two and a half years as a postdoctoral fellow at CINE, Chayene Anchieta shined in conducting high-impact work in the area of ​​batteries, leading everything from the formulation of original ideas to the publication of impact articles and licensed patents, without forgetting the supervision of master’s and doctoral students, which is one of her favorite scientific activities.

Chayene began her activities in CINE’s Advanced Energy Storage division in 2019, under the supervision of professors Gustavo Doubek and Rubens Maciel (Unicamp). In the first few days, she was already at LNLS-CNPEM taking advantage of the power of synchrotron radiation to analyze the changes that occur in batteries while they are in operation (the so-called “operando” studies).

From that moment on, she was actively involved in more than ten projects with the ultimate goal of advancing the development of emerging battery technologies, such as lithium-air. To achieve this, it was necessary not only to use advanced analysis techniques, but also to improve them. A dozen scientific articles published in renowned international journals emerged from this project.

A special place is reserved in Chayene’s memories for the development of a new electrolyte. “The idea came up while I was still doing my doctorate at UFSCar and gained even more strength when I realized it could be applied in practice,” she says. Chayene’s suggestion was quickly accepted by professors Rubens and Gustavo and became a reality within student Letícia Barros’ master’s degree, also counting on the collaboration of the CINE´s Computational Science division. The project yielded some extra fruits, such as a patent that has already been licensed to Shell and awarded by the Unicamp Innovation Agency.

Since the end of 2021, Chayene has been in Switzerland as a postdoctoral scientist at the synchrotron light laboratory of the Paul Scherrer Institut. However, she remains linked to CINE as a collaborating researcher. The young woman remains active at the center, and has already articulated several international partnerships to carry out more pioneering studies with batteries. “I have always maintained contact with Brazil and continue to collaborate with CINE groups, even though I often work three shifts to make this possible,” she says.

Chayene considers that CINE had a great impact on her scientific career. “At CINE I received support to achieve very audacious goals”, he expresses. “However, what I consider most valuable are the personal relationships established throughout the journey and the knowledge acquired/shared with many students”, he concludes.

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