CINE 5 years – Carlos Rufino: scientist at an automotive research center in Germany.
Friday December 8th, 2023
Friday December 8th, 2023

Today, while preparing to defend his doctorate, Carlos Antônio Rufino Júnior works as a researcher in Germany at CARISSMA, a center for automotive research and tests. There, in addition to teaching some classes in undergraduate and master’s courses, he participates in a project that aims to monitor, in real time, the need for maintenance of batteries that are used, for example, in electric cars. His mission is to develop a digital twin of a battery that stores relevant data in the cloud, in real time, about the physical battery’s performance.

Carlos is a researcher very specialized in seeking solutions, viable from both technical and economic point of view, to practical problems arising from the increasingly widespread use of batteries. In the context of CINE, of which he has been a member since beginning his doctorate in 2019, he used Information Technology tools to address issues such as monitoring the “health” of electric vehicle batteries and their reuse in less demanding applications – the so-called second life batteries.

During these years, at Unicamp, as part of his PhD in Bioenergy, he had the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and international environment with scientists widely recognized by their peers, incluing his advisors and co-supervisors: Hudson Zanin (Unicamp), Eleonora Riva Sanseverino (UNIPA, Italy) and Hans-Georg Schweiger (THI, Germany).

“During my doctorate, I was able to develop solutions that will be implemented in industry, in addition to publishing several scientific articles in high impact factor journals”, says Carlos. “I believe that CINE provides the ideal conditions to test and prove hypotheses, as well as to develop fundamental technical and personal skills for anyone who wants to be an excellent researcher and/or practitioner”, he adds.

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