CINE researchers are among the 10 thousand most productive in the BRICS
Wednesday October 27th, 2021
Wednesday October 27th, 2021

Seven members of CINE are included in a ranking based on information from Google Scholar, which lists the most productive scientists from countries in the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The ranking, whose first edition was released at the end of September, uses the new AD Scientific Index.

CINE researchers on this list are: Rubens Maciel Filho (UNICAMP), principal investigator of the Advanced Energy Storage (AES) program at CINE; Juarez L. F. Da Silva (IQSC-USP), principal investigator of the Computational Materials Science and Chemistry (CMSC) program; Ana Flavia Nogueira  (UNICAMP), director of CINE and principal investigator of the Dense Energy Carriers (DEC) program; Arnaldo Naves de Brito (UNICAMP) and Ernesto C. Pereira (UFSCar), researchers from the DEC program; Almir Oliveira Neto (IPEN), researcher at the Methane to Products program, and Ataualpa A. C. Braga (USP), collaborator at the CMSC.

The new index aggregates some scientific productivity and impact indicators that can be obtained from Google Scholar. Specifically, the AD Scientific Index considers the number of citations, the h index and the i10 index (number of publications with at least ten citations) of each researcher who has a Google Scholar profile. The values of these indicators are considered in relation to the researcher’s complete career and in relation to the last 5 years.

More information about the AD Scientific Index as well as the 2021 edition of the ranking of most productive researchers can be found at

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