Issue 28 – June 30, 2023



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Issue 28 – June 30, 2023



Researchers from CINE’s Computational Science division studied on the atomic scale the properties of three perovskite alloys with very high efficiencies in converting light into electricity. The results bring insights for the production of perovskite solar cells that combine structural stability and photovoltaic efficiency.



A new research study on lithium-oxygen batteries shows how different electrolytes and oxygen supply conditions affect the actual capacity of these devices. The work, carried out by a team from the Advanced Energy Storage division, constitutes another step towards the production of prototypes.



Members of the CINE Computational Science division have simulated the performance of supercapacitors formed by porous graphene oxide electrodes and different ionic liquid electrolytes. All these materials are considered promising for use in energy storage.

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A working group from the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering (AEA) held a meeting at CINE’s headquarters on May 11. The event, which consisted of presentations, discussions and visits to laboratories, was attended by several professionals who work in the automotive sector, in addition to researchers from Unicamp, including professors Gustavo Doubek and Hudson Zanin, members of the Advanced Energy Storage division. Members of the working group were able to learn about mobility technologies, such as batteries and fuel cells, which are under development at CINE.


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CINE researchers Ana Flavia Nogueira (Unicamp) and Lucia Mascaro (UFSCar) were panelists at an event held by the ILP and FAPESP on May 29 on the role of green hydrogen in a low-carbon economy and the opportunities for Brazil. The recording of the debate is available here and a news report about it can be accessed here.

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CINE had a massive participation in the 46th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Chemistry (SBQ), held at the end of May in Águas de Lindóia (SP). Through panels and oral presentations, students of all levels, postdocs and professors presented scientific advances in topics such as solar cells, green ammonia, fuel cells and CO2 conversion. Furthermore, Prof. Cláudia Longo was one of the lecturers of a short course on the characterization of devices for solar energy conversion.


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Doctoral student Leonardo Carvalho Soares (Unicamp), member of CINE’s Dense Energy Carriers division, received an award at the 46th SBQ Annual Meeting for the presentation of the poster “CO2 conversion promoted by a bias-free electrolyzer with a Cu2WO4 gas diffusion photocathode and a BiVO4 photoanode” in the session on Electrochemistry and Electroanalysis.

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Also awarded at the annual SBQ event was the poster “Double doping of Lanthanum-Strontium Titanate: synthesis, characterization, and nanoparticles production by exsolution for solid oxide fuel cell anodes”, presented by master student Antonio T. B. de Oliveira (UFABC), member of the Methane to Products division at CINE.


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On the 26th of June, Prof. Matheus Paes Lima (UFSCar) gave a seminar on the study of optoelectronic properties of materials through DFT simulations. The speaker is a member of the Computational Materials Science and Chemistry division at CINE. The event was hybrid and was attended by near 30 people in the mini-auditorium of the Institute of Chemistry at Unicamp. The recording can be accessed here.

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