Issue 16 – May 17, 2022



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Issue 16 – May 17, 2022

Light-induced news


This experimental study about wrinkled surface perovskite films advanced the understanding of the poor stability that perovskite solar cells exhibit when exposed to light. The work was carried out by researchers from CINE’s Dense Energy Carriers division and collaborators.

water concentration news


A team from CINE’s Advanced Energy Storage division authored this review article on the impacts of water on lithium-oxygen batteries – a subject whose understanding is critical for the future production and use of these promising devices. The review analyzes the influence of water on the batteries and the advances in technologies related to this condition.

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On April 26 and 27, representatives of CINE and Shell met at our headquarters, at UNICAMP, to discuss CINE’s next steps. The meeting, which consisted of presentations and scientific discussions, had the special participation of Cor van Kruijsdijk, Sr Principal Researcher at Shell.

lead-free newa


A new computational study on lead-free zero-dimensional perovskites was carried out by a team of the CINE’s computational science division. The paper shows the possibility of controlling physical properties of these materials by changing the element of the halide anion (bromine, chlorine or iodine).

light dark news


This paper reports for the first time the use of carbon nitride in photoanodes for methanol oxidation. The research, which was carried out by members of CINE’s Dense Energy Carriers division, indicates the possibility of using carbon nitride for the photoconversion of biomass into products and for hydrogen generation.


sitta e lucia

Professors Lucia Helena Mascaro and Elton Sitta (UFSCar), researchers at CINE, were advisors of 14 students from public high schools in research works with CNPq grants, carried out within a UFSCar project. They studied subjects such as green hydrogen, CO2 reduction in the atmosphere and biofuels. The project, which started online during the pandemic, ended with a poster presentation at São Carlos City Hall. On April 6th, Prof. Lucia spoke about this experience at an online event organized by Flavia Cassiola (researcher at Shell).


webinar news

The CINE Webinar of this month will address two very relevant topics in the area of new energies and green economy: capture and use of CO2 and in situ methods for studying electrochemical reactions. The speaker will be Chris Hardacre, Professor and Head of the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Manchester (UK). Free registration, here. Reminder on CINE’s YouTube.

talks vivi news

Vivian Vazquez Thyssen, post-doc of the Methane to Products division at CINE, will talk about materials, equipment and processes for methane conversion into hydrocarbons in a clean and sustainable way. Free registration, here. Reminder on YouTube, here. Talk in Portuguese.

talks news

Mariana Zanatta Inglez, PhD in Scientific and Technological Policy from Unicamp, will talk about the types of innovation and the role that universities’ technological innovation centers play in entrepreneurship and innovation. She is the manager of the Science and Technology Park and the Incubator at UNICAMP. Free registration, here. Reminder on YouTube, here. Talk in Portuguese.


webinars news

The webinar on materials for energy held on May 3 by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces featured Prof. Prashant Kamat (Notre Dame) and Prof. Ana Flavia Nogueira (UNICAMP) as speakers and Prof. Osvaldo Novais de Oliveira Junior (IFSC-USP) as host. Kamat and Oliveira Junior are part of the CINE´s International Advisory Board and Nogueira is the Director of the Center.


Prof. Ana Flavia Nogueira (UNICAMP) gave an online seminar on April 6 for the Nanossistems Institute of the National University of San Martin (Argentina). She talked about in situ experiments using synchrotron light for the study of halide perovskites. Watch the lecture.


workshop m2p news

The 5th workshop of CINE’s Methane to Products division was held in a hybrid format on the mornings of May 9 and 10. The event had 65 registered participants, most of them doctoral students and post-docs, in addition to the audience on YouTube. The event brought together members of the 4 CINE divisions and external participants from Brazil and abroad. The recording of the presentations is now available on YouTube, day 9 and day 10. The program can be consulted here.



Postdoctoral fellowship for computational project on sustainable route for methane conversion with advanced electrochemical technologies. Learn more.


organizational chart news

Find out who are the CINE leaders and the members of the International Advisory Board. Also meet the professionals of our management and communication team. See here.

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