CINE opens administrative headquarters at Unicamp
Friday December 17th, 2021
Friday December 17th, 2021

The administrative headquarters of the Center for Innovation in New Energies (CINE) was inaugurated at Unicamp on 15 December. The event marked the inauguration of a space for common use, located at Rua Michel Debrun, within the Unicamp campus, in a building linked to the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

The environment has workstations for the staff that already supports the researchers in their projects. The headquarters also has a social area and a meeting room that will provide an adequate environment for the development of collaborations, partnerships and other interactions for cutting-edge research and technology transfer.

“This new environment aims at the development of interdisciplinary research projects and teaching activities, through the integration of high-level researchers, post-docs and graduate students in an extremely collaborative space”, said José Antonio Teixeira Junior, Executive Manager of CINE.

The opening event, which had a limited audience due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, was attended by around 40 people, including authorities from CINE’s leading institutions (Unicamp, USP and Ipen), directors and managers from Shell (which is the founding sponsor of CINE together with FAPESP, the São Paulo research foundation), and CINE coordinators, researchers and staff. The speeches at the event were made by the Dean of Research at Unicamp (Prof. João Marcos Travassos Romano), by the Director of CINE (Prof. Ana Flávia Nogueira) and by the General Manager of Technology and Innovation at Shell, Olivier E. Wambersie.

In his speech, Romano stressed the importance of collaboration in research, an aspect that is very present in multidisciplinary and multi-institutional centers such as CINE. “We encourage centers like this to flourish at Unicamp”, he said. In turn, Wambersie highlighted the relevance of the global challenge of energy transition (the shift to an energy matrix with zero net carbon emissions) – a challenge that, he said, gives an emotional boost to the scientific work carried out by CINE, and also prospects a long-term partnership between Shell and the research institutions. “CINE is an indispensable partner for Shell”, he said.

In her speech, the Director of CINE told the history of the Center, which began in 2017 with a call for projects from FAPESP in partnership with Shell. In this public call, four proposals were selected, led by professors Rubens Maciel Filho (FEQ-Unicamp), Juarez L. F. Da Silva (IQSC-USP), Fábio Coral Fonseca (Ipen) and by herself, to compose the four research programs of CINE . “We coordinators didn’t know each other until that moment,” she said.

Prof Nogueira then thanked her predecessor, Professor Maciel Filho, for leading the difficult task of building the foundations of the Center. “Professor Rubens knows very well that it was not an easy task to form a center with three leading institutions, with three different foundations and in different locations,” she said, also thanking CINE’s first deputy director, Giancarlo Ciolla (Shell) for efforts made.

Representing FAPESP, scientific director Luiz Eugênio de Araújo Mello, who was unable to attend the event, said that “the inauguration of the beautiful administrative headquarters of CINE demonstrates how Unicamp values and is institutionally committed to the development of the Center”. Mello highlighted that the institutional counterpart of the universities is fundamental for the success of FAPESP’s Engineering Research Centers program, in which CINE is included.

Currently, CINE brings together more than 270 researchers from eight institutions in São Paulo State and has generated more than 300 scientific articles published in renowned journals, in addition to a series of patents, on topics such as photovoltaic energy, green hydrogen, batteries, supercapacitors and transformation of greenhouse gases in raw materials for the industry. “I am very proud to say that after three years of activities, CINE is a center of success”, said the director, congratulating everyone who participated in this result.

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