Issue 10 – November 16, 2021



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Issue 10 – November 16, 2021

destaque baterias


CINE researchers and collaborators present a new method for the chemical characterization of lithium-oxygen batteries at the nanoscale. Based on the infrared spectroscopy technique, the method, faster and more accurate than those used so far, sheds new light on the reactions that take place in these promising devices. The article reporting this research was published in Advanced Energy Materials and was chosen for the magazine’s inside cover.

review cocatalisadores


Article discusses recent advances in the search for cheap and abundant materials that can be used to improve the performance of photocathodes in obtaining hydrogen in photoelectrochemical cells. Transition metal chalcogenides, alloys and carbon nanostructures are reviewed as promising alternatives to platinum, which is more expensive and scarce. The minireview, which has large participation of CINE members, was featured on cover of ChemSusChem.



CINE researchers and collaborators carried out a theoretical-experimental study on the use of hydroxyapatite catalysts (cheap, stable and sustainable) in the conversion of ethanol into molecules for industrial use, such as ethylene and 1-butanol. They demonstrated that post-synthesis treatments on catalysts affect that conversion due to the change in the amount of acidic and basic sites on their surface. The work joins efforts to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources in the chemical industry.

óxidos mistos


Work by CINE researchers advances the understanding of rare earth mixed oxide nanoparticles based on cerium oxide, which hold promise for use in catalysis of various reactions. The authors used computational methods involving thousands of atoms to understand the shape of these particles and how their surfaces organize. The results obtained can guide the optimization of these catalysts, resulting, for example, in lower costs in the use of cerium oxide for the conversion of methane into methanol.



Researchers from CINE’s four research divisions are among the most productive of the BRICS in a ranking that uses the new AD Scientific Index. The index aggregates some scientific productivity and impact indicators that are available on Google Scholar. Read the news on the CINE website.

flavio souza

Prof. Flavio de Souza (UFABC), researcher in CINE’s Dense Energy Carriers program, was the general secretary of the XIX B-MRS Meeting + IUMRS ICEM. The event, held online, had around 1,100 participants from 33 countries.


talk leonardo

More information and (free) registration here.

workshop claudia

Co-organized by Prof Claudia Longo, researcher at CINE’s Dense Energy Carriers program, the event will bring together 40 young researchers from the state of São Paulo and the United Kingdom who work on the subject of the workshop to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas. The selection of participants is open. More information here.

workshop cmsc

CINE’s Computational Science of Materials and Chemistry program announces its next workshop, which will be open to all public. Soon more information.


cine conference

CINE Conference 2021. The recordings of all the presentations of the event are already available in a playlist on CINE’s YouTube. See the videos of the event.


Shell Talks: A tecnologia brasileira na jornada pela descarbonização. October 4, 2021. Online discussion promoted by Shell with partnership of O Globo and Valor Econômico. Recording of the panel discussion.

shell talks

The director and deputy director of CINE (Prof Ana Flavia Nogueira, UNICAMP, and Camila Brandão, Shell) participated in the discussion about challenges and opportunities facing Brazil in the quest to reduce carbon emissions. The panel was broadcast in various media and has more than 14 thousand views.

International Sirius Workshop on X-ray Nanospectroscopy, Nanodiffraction and Nanoimaging. October 4 and 5, 2021. Online. Organized by LNLS/CNPEM. Event website.


Prof Pablo S. Fernandez (UNICAMP), researcher at CINE’s Dense Energy Carriers program, gave an invited lecture on the use of X-ray nanoprobes to study in detail the performance of different materials in photoelectrochemical systems, which may play a fundamental role in the energy transition.



Three episodes of CINE’s podcast are now available, covering topics such as climate change, energy transition, photovoltaic energy and the role of CINE. The podcast brings together the words of members of the Center, the presentation by journalist Eliane Leme and an engaging soundtrack. Listen here (in Portuguese).



CINE’s YouTube channel has been reorganized. Now, it is possible to easily find in the playlists all recordings of CINE Webinars, Talks, Workshops and Conferences, as well as videos recorded by members of the Center explaining their research projects. Check here.

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