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Perovskite solar modules

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Dr. Jilian Nei de Freitas (CTI) and Prof. Francisco C. Marques (UNICAMP)
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Profile I – Duration: 24 months Scholarship requirements: a) BS degree in Physics or Materials Science; b) PhD degree in Physics or Materials Science; c) Experience in electronic packaging (multi-chip modules MCM; wire-bonding), metallizaiton, sputtering deposition and photolithography. Profile II – Duration: 12 months Scholarship requirements: a) BS degree in Materials Science, Chemistry or Physics; b) PhD degree in Materials Science, Chemistry or Physics or related areas; c) Experience in one of the following topics: - formulation of graphene inks; - deposition of graphene films (or graphene oxide or carbon nanotubes) from wet methods; - assembly and characterization of solar cells.
Como se candidatar
Candidates should send their CV to agnaldog@unicamp.br (and carbon copy to jilian.freitas@cti.gov.br). Please refer to the title of the message as “PVK/FINEP scholarship opportunities” and include a two-page CV with contact details. The recruitment process will take place in 2 steps: document analysis followed by an interview (Skype, Google Meet or the like).
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The Project “Perovskite solar modules, graphene and niobium oxide: how Brazil may be competitive in photovoltaic energy”, with financial support from FINEP, will be carried out by the Institute of Chemistry from UNICAMP in cooperation with CTI Renato Archer and IFRN. Two scholarships are available for candidates with a PhD degree.

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