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A.A.A. da Silva, M.C. Steil, F.N. Tabuti, R.C. Rabelo-Neto, F.B. Noronha, L.V. Mattos, F.C. Fonseca. The role of the ceria dopant on Ni/doped-ceria anodic layer cermets for direct ethanol solid oxide fuel cell. i n t e r n a t i o n a l journal o f hydrogen energy. 2021. Vol 46 / 4309.

Rodolfo M. Antoniassi, Jhon Quiroz, Eduardo C. M. Barbosa, Luanna S. Parreira, Roberta A. Isidoro, Estevam V. Spinacé, Julio C. M. Silva and Pedro. H. C. Camargo. Improving the Electrocatalytic Activities and CO Tolerance of Pt NPs by Incorporating TiO2 Nanocubes onto Carbon Supports. ChemCatChem 2021, 13, 1–10. 2021. Vol 13 / 1.

Júlio Nandenha, Carlos Eduardo Domingues Ramos, Sirlane G. da Silva, Rodrigo Fernando Brambilla de Souza, Eric Hossein Fontes, Cristiane Angélica Ottoni and Almir Oliveira Neto. Borohydride Reduction Method for PdIn/C Electrocatalusts Synthesis towards Glycerol Electrooxidation under Alkaline Condition. Electroanalysis 2021, 33, 1-7. 2021. Vol 33 / 1.

Rodolfo M.Antoniassi, Arthur P.Machado, Ana Rita N.Paiva, Carla M.S.Queiroz, Jorge M.Vaz, Estevam V.Spinacé, Julio Cesar M.Silva, EduardoCarmine, Pedro H.C.Camargo, Roberto M.Torresi. One-Step synthesis of PtFe/CeO2 catalyst for the CO-Preferential oxidation reaction at low temperatures. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2021. Vol 46 / Issue 34 / 17751.



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E.H. Fontes, C.E.D. Ramos, C.A. Ottoni, R.F.B. de Souza, E. Antolini, A.O. Neto. Glycerol dehydrogenation steps on Au/C surface in alkaline medium: An in-situ ATR-FTIR approach. Renewable Energy 167 (2021) 954e959. 2020. Vol 167 / 954.

DE CARMARGO, V. F.; FONTES, E. H.; NANDENHA, J.; DE SOUZA, R. F. B.; NETO, A. O. High activity of Pt-Rh supported on C-ITO for ethanol oxidation in alkaline medium. RESEARCH ON CHEMICAL INTERMEDIATES, v. 46, n. 2, p. 1555-1570, FEB 2020

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Felipe de Moura Souza, Rodrigo Fernando Brambilla de Souza, Bruno Lemos Batista, Mauro Coelho dos Santos, Fabio Coral Fonseca, Almir Oliveira Neto, Julio Nandenha. Methane activation at low temperature in an acidic electrolyte using PdAu/C, PdCu/C, and PdTiO2/C electrocatalysts for PEMFC. Research on Chemical Intermediates 46, 2481–2496 (2020).

Sabrina.G.M.Carvalho, Eliana Navarro S. Muccillo, F.M.B. Marques, Reginaldo Muccillo. Electric field-assisted sintering (gadolinia-doped ceria/alkali salts) composite membranes. Materialia, 11, 100679 (2020).

Monique C. L. Santos, C.M. Godoy, H.S. Kang, Rodrigo Fernando Brambilla de Souza, Andrezza S. Ramos, Ermete Antolini, Almir Oliveira Neto. Effect of Ni content in PdNi/C anode catalysts on power and methanol co-generation in alkaline direct methane fuel cell type. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 578, 390-401 (2020).

Luis M. S. Garcia , Sanil Rajak, Khaoula Chair, Camila M. Godoy, Araceli Jardim Silva, Paulo V. R. Gomes, Edgar Aparecido Sanches, Andrezza S. Ramos, Rodrigo F. B. De Souza, Adam Duong, and Almir O. Neto  Conversion of Methane into Methanol Using the [6,6′-(2,2′-Bipyridine-6,6′-Diyl)bis(1,3,5-Triazine-2,4-Diamine)](Nitrato-O)Copper(II) Complex in a Solid Electrolyte Reactor Fuel Cell Type CS Omega 2020, 5, 26, 16003–16009.




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Lopes, O. Beruski, A. Manthanwar, I. Korkischko, R. Pugliesi, M.A. Stanojev, M.L.G. Andrade, E.N. Pistikopoulos, J. Perez, F.C. Fonseca, J.R. Meneghini, A.R. Kucernak, Spatially resolved oxygen reaction, water, and temperature distribution: Experimental results as a function of flow field and implications for polymer electrolyte fuel cell operation, APPLIED ENERGY 252 (2019) 113421.

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C. L. Santos, L. C. Nunes, L. M. G. Silva, A. S. Ramos, F. C. Fonseca, R. F. B. de Souza, A. O. Neto, Direct Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell to Converting Methane into Methanol, Chemistry Select v.4 (2019) 11430-11434.




L.G. Biancolli, A.L.G. et al. ETFE-based anion-exchange membrane ionomer powders for alkaline membrane fuel cells: a first performance comparison of head-group chemistry. J. Mater. Chem. A 6 (2018) 24330

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